Copyright Right Policies in Schools


Especially with the advent of the Internet, the line for copyrighted materials has been blurred. Many people including myself at times have been unsure of what you can and cannot use.  All school boards state the use of copyright materials for education somewhere but they are not always easily found or addressed frequently. There are so many priorities at a school that rules for copyrighted materials are not always emphasized as strongly and consistently as it could be.


Policies on copyrighted materials is something that is brought up annually at my school but never really brought up again. Going forward, I think schools could do a better job at this to ensure teachers know what they can and cannot copy. In reality, laws can be confusing to read. Most teachers would be more compliant to the laws if they had a better idea of what they were actually stating. Many teachers have somewhat of an idea of the materials they could copy but many would have problems defining what “Educational Use” of copyrighted materials.  To add more confusion, when I completed an online search for Canadian copyright laws, I found this 6 page document that might even leave more teachers mixed up on what to do. Overall, this practice could be improved upon. It can be a serious problem so it is something I would like to learn more about. This video does help explain this copyright dilemma video:


One thought on “Copyright Right Policies in Schools

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the video you posted. I knew about the 10% allowance as part of “fair dealing” guidelines that allows teachers to photocopy up to 10% of the materials without permission from the owner of the materials used. Thank you for reminding me on this! We should all be aware of the legal implications of using copyrighted materials! It is serious!


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