Internet and Web 2.0

The Internet has completely changed education forever. Students and teachers have more access to information than ever before. That means students can learn about current news taking place in real time; or they could also go back and learn about history by accessing a textbook online.

But the use of technology to access the Internet can be an ongoing issue. School boards, schools and teachers can sometimes be apprehensive about how much should be incorporated into today’s classroom. The hesitation could stem from a variety reasons.

Google-classSome challenges include availability, appropriateness, trust, and security. Furthermore, many schools have limited resources; school administrators have also blocked certain sites because of questionable content; the ease of cutting and pasting makes it easier to plagiarise.

However, in today’s classroom, it’s important for the students’ to engage in meaningful discussions, and to have opportunities to work collaboratively with one another. If used correctly, the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies (i.e. Google Docs) can enhance the learning the experience. Overall, the benefits of using internet and technology in the classroom outweigh any of its negative aspects.


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